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The Winter Stars Tour including the Baby Stars Tour

1. Baby Stars Tour- will be run as the 1st Class of the day. Height Band : 75cm-80cm (No Time)
Winter Stars
Height bands :
1* – 85cm – 90cm
2* – 95cm -1m
3* – 1.05m-1.10m
4* – 1.15m – 1.20m
5* – 1.25m – 1.30m

1. ALL the Tours will run on the EQUIPE Entry App.
The Winter Stars Tour & the new class, The Baby Stars Tour, will aim to run in the same spirit of sportsmanship & on the same basic principles as the Youngster Tour & the Five Stars Tour.
2. Due to the height band system & the graduation of courses, it will allow riders a wider choice of classes in a Main Arena setting. It will also allow Irish Riders produce their horses compete at a level suitable for themselves & their horse’s development.
3. The Baby Stars Tour will now introduce new riders to our Sport, it will be just Clear Round jumping, with NO CLOCK & will be built to encourage both horses & riders to be clear. It will be open to all producers & then will be at an attainable height to encourage Riding Club riders, Event Riders, Pony Club riders & the general riding population to come along & try showjumping.
4. Due to spiralling costs, the Tours have now become cost effective as they will run on EQUIPE Entry App, therefore there will be
– NO MEMBERSHIP FEES for Riders & Owners.
5. Allow those Riders that are show jumping, as their sport, to compete during the winter season on a league format, in a Main Arena setting, then giving them prestigious Finals with good prize money & additional prizes.
6. Allow owners/riders to market & sell direct to a client, via use of the Tour’s social media platforms & the Website.
7. The Tours will encourage owners/riders that have smaller budgets to buy Irish horses to be involved.
8. It will encourage riders with older horses & those with Foreign Studbook Passports to get involved.
9. It will encourage Event Horse Producers to join the Tour to produce their horses.
10. Provide continuous marketing during the Tour for Sponsors via Social Media platforms & through the Website.
12. Encourage buyers into Ireland to buy their next horse.


1. Open to all Riders & Horses, all ages & passports.
2. Horses must have a valid passport & all fulfil all Veterinary/Vaccination criteria.
3. Horses & Riders : DO NOT NEED TO BE REGISTERED WITH ANY ASSOCIATION. ie. You do not need to be registered with SJI, Pony Club, Riding Club etc.
5. If Riders/Owners want a record & also to qualify for the Finals, they must input the Horse’s Passport details onto the Equipe entry system. A Print-Out of the Horse’s Record on the Tours will be available once you have the Passport details uploaded.

Qualification for the the Grand Finals – dates TBC in April 2023

1. The aim is to have minimum of 20 Tour Dates spread countrywide from September to end of March. Easter Sunday is the 9th April 2023 so we will hope to have the Finals over the holidays.
2. Due to rising diesel & accommodation costs it has been decided to have 4 x 1 day, Regional Finals.
3. Riders will be free to compete at 1 or more Regional Finals.
4. The Winter Stars & Baby Stars Tour Classes will be held in the Main Arena of the Qualifier Shows, and must run as independently advertised classes, not part of any height class.
5. Minimum of 3 Show appearances on the Tour qualifies you to enter for the Grand Finals. A combination may jump at a variety of heights throughout the Tour but it is a total of 3 Tour Shows/combination that is necessary.
6. All horses will be pre-entered for the Grand Finals & the rider that rode it on the 3 qualifying shows on the Tour is the rider eligible to ride it on the Grand Finals. (If there is a legitimate sale or injury to the rider before the Festival weekend the owner/rider must contact the organiser before the entry is submitted for the Grand Final Weekend & a decision will be made by the Committee on the validity of the requested change of rider)
7. A rider can ride a maximum of Maximum of 3 horses in a Grand Final. – Riders may compete in 2 height band Qualifiers/horse at the Grand Finals.
8. The Winter Stars Finals will be all TIMED.
9. The Baby Stars Final will be CLEAR ROUND JUMPING, all Double Clears divide the Prize Fund.

All standard Showjumping Protocols will stand for in relation to Veterinary Checks, Stewarding, boots, Warm Up arena
fence height & warm up practices etc.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with by the Stipendary Stewards & the Ground Jury.