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70cm Individual Class will start at 9.30am Sharp.

Course will be open from 8.30am to 9.20am.

80cm Individual Class will start at 10am.

No entries will be taken on the day.

Teams will start at 11.30am & track will be open at 11.15am to walk & close at 11.25am.

All team 80cm riders will jump first, followed by the 1metre team riders.

Numbers will be issued to all teams and should be picked up by a nominated person in the canteen, these numbers should be worn while competing in the team event.

Course will be open again between course adjustment from 80cm to 1metre but on foot only.

1metre individual competition will commence after the team competition.

45 second rule applies, once a competitor receives the bell, they must start their round within 45 seconds, if they do not, time faults will added to their score.

Teams will be running in numerical order, should you miss your turn you must wait until the end of the class to jump, end of the 80/1m

Scoring is as follows: 4 faults for each obstacle knocked, 4 faults for 1st refusal, additional 4 faults for 2nd refusal, elimination for 3rd refusal. Fall of rider = elimination, fall of horse = elimination

Best 3 scores count.

Should more than one team finish after 2 rounds on equal scores a timed round will decide the winners.

2 competitors from the same team should be in the ring at the same time to help the day run smoothly, so both 80cm/1m riders should be ready at the same time.

Running Order for the team event is as follows:

  1. Bandon Grammar School BGS Team 1
  2. St.Marys High School Midleton St.Marys High School Midleton
  3. St Mary’s Mallow St Mary’s Mallow Team 1
  4. Regina Mundi College Regina Mundi 1
  5. Scoil Pol Team 1
  6. St. Brogan’s College Pocket Rockets
  7. Blackwater Community School Blackwater Community School
  8. Pobalscoil Na Tríonóide Pobalscoil
  9. St Mary’s Mallow St Mary’s Mallow Team 2
  10. Scoil Pol Team 2
  11. Regina Mundi College Regina Mundi 2
  12. Bandon Grammar School BGS Team 2
  13. St Mary’s Mallow St Mary’s Mallow Team 3
  14. St Brogan’s College Brogan’s Stars
  15. Scoil Pol Team 3

Start Lists for individuals will be posted on the Equipe App after entries close.

Contact Person for teams please check your emails as a number of teams have entered but not provided the necessary information for the teams.

Full Schedule will be emailed out on the 14th of April to teams Contact Person and there will be a limited amount available on the day of the event.