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70cm Individual Class at 9am Sharp.

Course will be open from 8.15am to 8.50am.

Entries close for 70cm class at 9.10am sharp.

Entries close at 9.30am sharp for 80cm class.

Teams will start at 11am & track will be open at 10.45am to walk & close at 10.55am.

All team 80cm riders will jump first, followed by the 1metre team riders.

Course will be open again between course adjustment from 80cm to 1metre but on foot only.

1metre individual competition will commence after the team competition.

Competition Rules

  • 45 second rule applies, once a competitor receives the bell, they must start their round within 45 seconds
  • Teams will be running in numerical order, should you miss your turn you must wait until the end of the class to jump, end of the 80/1m
  • Scoring is as follows: 4 faults for each obstacle knocked, 4 faults for 1st refusal, additional 4 faults for 2nd refusal, elimination for 3rd refusal. Fall of rider = elimination, fall of horse = elimination
  • Best 3 scores count.
  • Should more than one team finish after 2 rounds on equal scores a timed round will decide the winners.
  • 2 competitors from the same team should be in the ring at the same time to help the day run smoothly, so both 80cm/1m riders should be ready at the same time.
  • Excessive use of the whip can lead to elimination as per SJI rules.

General Rules

  • Only warm up in the designated warm up arena and listen to our call up steward.
  • You are not Cian O’Connor and do not need your vet, coach and hairdresser helping you warm up, so one responsible adult to warm one responsible competitor!
  • Please respect the staff at Sceilig Sport Horses, we are trying to make your day as fun as possible and this is only possible when competitors and their support crews listen to them and arrive on time!
  • Sceilig Sport Horses is not a playground, so we don’t mind your kids once you mind them!
  • Please take your rubbish with you!
  • Please respect our biosecurity, don’t enter the main barn and please don’t pet our horses, as they like fingers!
  • Please ensure that if you do decide to bring your dog with you that they are on a lead at all times, we don’t care to hear about how they have never done that before etc, thanks!
  • Last rule! We hope you have a great time at Sceilig Sport Horses, we wish you the best of luck and hope you see you all again!

Schedule also available to down load here: sceilig-sport-horses-schedule

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